Mobile App Development

Noedge Inc. is the best place for developing a mobile application. A mobile app development company in the abroad with a difference; we develop customer-centric apps with you at the heart of the process, to create an exceptional user experience. Our team of intuitive UI/UX designers and passionate mobile app developers scale up your ideas to create the highest quality app development service.

iPhone App Development

Don’t be just another iPhone app development company. This was our objective when we sauntered into the space of iPhone application development. We are fanboys of the Apple brand and believe that the apps that go into iTunes must also carry the same design principles, user-centricity and the utilitarian philosophy that Steve Jobs has made a rage. When you come to us for custom iPhone app development, you will not be getting just-another-app. It will be one that your users would fall in love with.

Our USP as an iPhone App Development Company

The best of engineering + design – We bring you the best of both worlds that Apple is reputed for since incarnation. As a digitally inspired enterprise, we are always on the lookout for the next big breakthrough in iPhone app development. Our focus is not to build just another mobile app, but bring an idea to reality through wholesome app development. This has helped the apps we built climb to the top ranks of app store leaderboards quickly.

Our team comprises of the cream of engineering talent who have been dabbling in iPhone app development passionately. We are also made up of designer brains who can think from the shoes of a user and create vivid and detailed app interfaces and workflows that will make your app a winner in the iTunes leaderboards. Be it to solve an enterprise problem or to build the next big thing in the app world, our engineering + design expertise will help you do both.

Have queries about your next iPhone app development? Well, having questions is a sign of intelligence. Don’t hesitate!! Contact us today and get answers to all your queries.

Why us for your iPhone App Development

Custom app development needs a tech-minded partner, not just a vendor. As your tech partner for iPhone application development, we will help you make the best use of your time and resources to build an immersive iPhone app.

Agile Development Methodology

We follow the agile development methodology to facilitate rapid product releases with stability and high-quality code.

Bug-Free Deployment

Our QA professionals use a combination of manual and automation testing to ensure that the app is released bug-free

Cost Efficient

High-quality services and affordability may not be offered together elsewhere. But, for us, it is one of the key USPs.

Expert Native Developers

Your apps will be built by qualified, experienced and passionate iPhone app developers who see their work as pieces of art.

Inspirational UI/UX

Our UI/UX designs are inspired by the habits and actions that users have become accustomed to.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Every project would be accompanied with an NDA where we agree not to share your project details to any outsider.

Transparent & Competitive

Our developers, tech leads and rest of the team take pride in delivering what is promised to the client.

On-Time Delivery

We know how it feels when someone fails to meet their deadlines. So we take acute measures to ensure that the project is delivered on time, if not earlier.

Android App Development

Android app development requires expertise. Our android app development company is well-equipped with experienced android developers; a team riding high on innovation and creativity. We are inclined towards delivering the best android app development services and support via our professional, hands-on and friendly team.

Custom Android App Development

Address Your Personalized Business Needs!

Regardless to what business you run, we offer customized android app development solutions that caters specifically to your business needs. The variety of customization in android is well explored by our highly skilled android mobile app development experts. Get a complete, end-to-end app package for your business, including integration with existing back-end systems, and even the support and maintenance from our expert android app developers.

We deliver the best, cost efficient and reliable custom android app development services for startups, small and large enterprises. Avail the best possible mobility solutions for your business from our dedicated team of experts who has an acute knowledge, specialist abilities and proficiency in developing android applications. Get the precise estimate and assessment of your business requirements and hire the best android app developer on an hourly basis as well as on project basis who will stay dedicated to your custom android app development project. Our android app development team will focus on creating a user-friendly, high-performance mobile application that will offer your business with the best possible opportunity to scale. Our android app developers and UX designers highly skilled in creating bespoke enterprise apps that help your business in building effective mobile strategies.

A good enterprise android app will bring in efficiency in organization and help keeping your staff motivated, happy and performing to the highest level.

Our Android App Development is Boundless to Smartphone

We craft and implement result oriented immersive android application development solutions for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses and Enterprises across the globe.

Why Choose Our Expert Android App Developers?

Your custom android application development requires a team of developers that has proven expertise in developing android applications and has a perfect knowledge of your business and customers. We are one of the leading android app development companies in Canada, specializing in the android app design and development.

Cross Platform App Development

Greater market penetration should be the strategy of all mobile app marketers, and to realize it with a tight budget might be a nightmare when we look at the fragmentation of the mobile platform. Fortunately, our team has the capabilities to develop cross-platform mobile applications using the latest technologies and frameworks to make it a reality for you that your end-users will applaud.

Cross Platform App Development Company

Bring More Consistency and Agility To Your Business with Cross Platform Apps.

Undoubtedly, the mobile user base is unimaginatively huge. Unfortunately, it is fragmented across various mobile OS platforms that restrict easy access to it with a single native app code base. Of course, cross-platform technology is the savior here but who has the expertise to simulate a native look & feel?

We are a cross-platform app development company famous for tackling such challenges and proved true on all expectations of its patrons.

Our mastery of cross-platform application development frameworks have enabled us to work efficiently.

We have served a wide range of businesses coming from diverse industries using our hybrid app development expertise, which has provided us golden opportunities to learn how to tackle hybrid app design and programming challenges successfully.

We are here for the benefit our esteemed clients who are looking for a dependable cross-platform application development company to tie long-term relationships, and it is by working at competitive market rates and delivering high quality results they keep on coming back.

The benefits of our cross-platform app development endeavors is a significant cost saving & a short development timetable by developing a single code base and deploying it across the platforms.

Would you like to benefit from our hard work and skill sets?

Cross Platform App Development Services

Our top-notch cross-platform app development services can give you an extra edge in your niche market. Our expertise on various hybrid app development frameworks enables us to deliver cost-effective and functional cross-platform app solutions that anyone in the industry can give you.

Why choose our cross-platform app development services

We Have Talents They Strive To Get

We have trained the qualified developers to grasp and implement the latest trends and technologies in the industry of cross-platform app development.

We Foster Collaboration and Creativity

We have the latest infrastructural facilities to create collaborative environment and nurture the creativity by facilitating them with the latest tools and technologies

We Have Knowledge of Latest Frameworks

Our expertise on the latest cross-platform frameworks and technologies enable us to remain competitive.

Our Prolonged Experiences

Our prolonged exposure in the industry has enabled us to deal with any scale of complexities without affecting the quality.

Our Project Management

We use the latest project management software, and our trained & experienced project managers make active participation of clients possible.

Our Dedicated Developers

Our team of dedicated developers is the real force behind our success, hence yours. Thus, they take care of your project with full attention.

Our Flexible Engagement Models

We offer various engagement models ranging from fixed priced to full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring with required flexibilities.

Our Exclusive Support and Maintenance

We always welcome queries from the clients and provide them technical and general support round-the-clock by allocating a dedicated team.

Flutter App Development Company

Google flutter app development SDK, is revolutionizing iOS and Android mobile apps by utilizing a single code structure. With the DART programming language, we provide flutter development services with the highest customizability of material design and widgets interface. Our expert team of Flutter developers are committed to deliver you high-quality and functionally-rich flutter app development solutions for your business.

Full Service Cross Platform Flutter Development Company

In one or the other way, Google manages to gain positive attention from tech geeks across the globe. This time it happened with the newly launched cross-platform app development framework, Flutter. The SDK is open source and can be utilized freely by developers using a single code structure. The launch is not only believed to ease the development process and fasten the same but is also expected to deliver a better app experience to users.

Though newly launched on the market, we have a dedicated team of flutter app developers, who can provide high-quality flutter app development services flawlessly. Well yes, that’s what counts. We firmly believe that to leverage the benefits of any new technology, it is crucial to have it implemented in the right manner. Our in-house mobile app developers can assure the same to you by executing your flutter app development process effortlessly.

To ensure that the cross-platform app development process is executed without any error, we follow a defined procedure which primarily includes research and rounds of discussion. This includes understanding your brand, the industry, target audience, and competitors. We firmly believe that as a flutter app development company, it is our key responsibility to learn and acknowledge these vital details before initiating your Flutter app development process.

Your Advantages of Flutter App Development

Innovation is the key to growth. Every new technology brings with its range of new features that makes it more appealing and intriguing. Let’s have a look at advantages of flutter app development services.

Quick & Easy Coding

Thanks to the range of features it offers, flutter app development indeed attracts developers by leveraging them with faster coding. The Hot reload feature empowers them to make changes in coding and eventually check them, which makes the entire process faster and easier.

Build your Own Widget

Flutter is designed to let you modify its existing widgets and create a new one. Its widget library comes with a range of options and can be customized effortlessly. With it, you can build responsive mobile applications to attract and engage your target audience.

Single Coding Based

One of the best parts with flutter app development services is that the app developers no longer have to produce muliple codes for distinct platforms. You read that right!! It offers single code for both iOS and Android. The credit to this goes to its personal widgets and designs.

Easy to Adopt

Google has designed Flutter to ensure delivering some ease to developers and make the development process faster and easier. The SDK can be effortlessly grasped by novice developers also.

Faster Testing

This one to an extent is linked to our previous benefit. As you do not have to develop different apps for different platforms, the testing becomes much faster. This also boosts your QA process, making it seamless and flawless.

Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter SDK gives an expressive User Interface, visually alluring cross-platform native like apps with widget library built of material design for android app and cupertino for iOS app.

Faster Experience for Users

With the newly launched technology and its invincible list of features, the developers can undoubtedly serve your end users with smoother experience. And as we know, better user experience means more exposure and acceptance.

Dart Benefit

Flutter app development framework is based on Dart, a language that compiles “ahead of time”, offers native performance for multiple platforms, smooth animations, and transitions which loads at the speed of 60 FPS. These traits make dart distinctively potential for implementing Flutter.

What makes us Best Flutter Development Company

Our flutter developers are quick to learn and adapt with all progress happening in the app development technologies. Following are the traits that make us the best flutter app development company.

A dedicated team of experts

Being top flutter Development Company, we assign a dedicated team of experts to every client and project. This helps us build better solutions for them.

Innovative and Custom Approach

Every mobile has its own set of needs. With our innovative and custom approach, your mobile app gets the perks it deserves.

Instant Support Team

We have a devoted support team, which ensures that all your queries are resolved on a priority basis.

Creative Solutions

Our team of experienced flutter app developers is bestowed with an invincible blend of creativity which helps us build creative solutions for you.

Thorough Research

For every project we initiate, our team first ensures doing thorough research to build custom solutions.


We believe that if the app development process isn’t accomplished keeping in mind the industry you belong, the results won’t be what your business deserves.

Well-defined Process

Being a leading flutter app development company, we have a well-defined process to accomplish every web and app development project we receive.

Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality app development has evolved itself faster than it was anticipated. The journey which started with a game has created an impeccable buzz across all industries. Our AR app development experts have substantially proved their expertise in building custom AR mobile applications for clients from different industries. Does your business has AR mobile app?

Augmented Reality App Development Company

With its roots in Canada and a global client base, we have commendably made space as leading Augmented Reality app Development Company

We have a team of expert Augmented Reality app developers which has years of proven expertise in building best-in-industry custom android augmented reality apps, IOS- iPad/iPhone AR apps and wearable devices offering robust backend and highly friendly user interface to attract and engage your target audience and reach your set goals. The team thrives to build innovative solutions for industries from various niches.

AR mobile applications built by us work flawlessly with devices like AR headsets, smart glasses, smart lenses, tablets, smartphones and other augmented reality compatible devices. This eventually lets you reach a larger audience.

With our presence in the Canada, our team has inevitably established its name as one of the highly advanced AR app development companies. The proficiency and ‘out-of-the-box’ approach has indeed helped us to build custom augmented reality app solutions for our global customers.

Have queries? Well, having questions is a sign of intelligence. Please allow us to help you find solutions to your queries.

Our Feet in Augmented Reality App Development Services

Our skills in developing stunning, immersive AR experiences across AR supporting devices have won the favor of our clientele coming from diverse markets and industries.

AR Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

We leverage built-in capabilities of mobile devices like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, connectivity, and other features & functionality to support AR application development for your brands and business to touch new highs that ultimately help you to hit your business goals. We carry AR app development in native platform tools and Unity.

AR Consultation

Augmented Reality is a buzz in the market, but it is not for everyone and not every company has equal capacities to meet your bespoke requirements. In due course, the right consultant can lead you to the right decision and the right team to get the best out of the present market. Do you think our AR consulting services can add value?

AR Cardboard Applications

Today Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest AR and VR viewer for the apps in mobile devices. Our expertise to provide the excellence in the AR app development that uses Cardboard viewer. Do your industry and targeted audience favor AR cardboard apps?

AR Apps For Desktop

Using webcam and AR-media plugin, we can simulate AR experiences on desktops like large, powerful, and static devices. We have delivered educational, entertainment, and several gaming apps powered by AR technologies. Do you look for AR applications for your desktops or laptops based customers or users?

AR Game Apps

Our AR games allow gamers to interact with virtual characters and objects laid on real-world objects or scenario and participate in real-time to have immersive experiences as Pokémon Go has provided. It makes AR games addictive, engaging, and more entertaining to boost download and in-app purchases.

AR Support & Maintenance

We have allocated some AR experts for your AR applications to provide you quick and quality support round-the-clock address your queries and issues in real-time. Our AR maintenance team is fixing bugs, crashes, and errors on a regular basis to keep your AR apps running smoothly and high performing. Our updates and upgrade services are unbeatable in industry.

Types of Augmented Reality Apps We Develop

Knowing the types of AR technologies is essential to enrich the user experience with an interactive digital product. The types of augmented reality app development are classified into various categories each varies with its objectives and use cases.

AR Application Development Technology Stack

As a leading custom Augmented Reality app development company, technology matters to us. We focus on delivering high-quality digital solutions with the use of cutting edge tools.

Virtual Reality App Development

Experts claim that Virtual Reality technology will transform the way brands used to interact with and engage their audience. Explore and relish new benchmarks with Virtual Reality app development. Our team of Virtual Reality app developers has unmatched command in building custom VR app development solutions for the clients.

VR App Development Company

The technology is believed to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world market and user expectations. We ensure the flawless integration of virtual reality app development technology in your business to assist you to engage your customers impeccably.

The future is here, VR app development solutions are speculated to be the key to drive online business. We have a team of experienced VR app developers and analysts, who integrate virtual reality app development technology in your business after closely analyzing your industry, competitors, and the target audience to whom you wish to showcase your product and services.

Using the tried and tested modus operandi, our VR app developers’ team leaves no stone unturned to build distinct and custom VR app development services for your business.

From a simple product presentation to the complicated manufacturing process or the next-level VR app development, we have a solution to all your requirements.

Have queries or want to know more about our virtual reality app development services?

Don’t hesitate!! Contact us today and get answers to all your virtual reality app development queries.

Adding Values with VR App Development Services

Virtual Reality is a specialized technology, and demands in-depth knowledge and expertise in the software and business processes where its implementations are possible. We have spent a lot of time delivering to numerous Clients to gain our experience. So, Our Virtual Reality app developers are capable of delivering outstanding solutions and services in multiple ways.

VR Apps for Smartphones & Tablets

Our VR developers leverage built-in capabilities of smartphones including accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to run VR applications, with the knowledge on how to utilize useful apps for your business to hit the intended goals. We offer VR apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

VR Consultation

Virtual Reality app development requires specialization on development technologies & tools like SDKs, as well the systems infrastructure. Our VR app development consultants are familiar with the virtual market and have the capabilities of delivering satisfying results at budget rates.

VR Cardboard Applications

Google provides one of the best & cheapest VR viewers using smartphone-based VR applications. Our specialization in Google Cardboard VR app development enables you to reach the wide and big audience to consume your VR apps easily and with best UX. If your targeted audience favors cardboard, why should you refrain to go for our services?

VR Apps for Headsets

Earlier, VR experiences were only possible with high end headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and WMR, but with tech advancements it is possible and our VR experts can help you to leverage giant virtual screens and desktop screens to forward your causes using VR applications developed by our VR developers.

VR Game Apps

Our VR developers define complete sensory immersion and high definition, feature rich realism through VR games for our esteemed clients to serve their various business needs including providing marketing opportunities, in-app purchases, and Ads to monetize through mobile games.

VR Support & Maintenance

We believe in strengthening customer relationships by providing exclusive support and maintenance experiences by allocating a devoted team of VR developers and marketing professionals. Our prompt and comprehensive responses to any query come in between the VR app development process or afterward earned us high reputations in the market.