Web Development

Noedge Inc. is a full-cycle custom web development company. Wondering what that is? If you are nurturing a business idea that needs to harness the power of the web, Intelivita can make that happen. From prototyping an idea to launching the web portal with enterprise-grade features — we will take care of the entire nine yards of custom web development for your business.

We offers a variety of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and  custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies.

PHP Web Development

From Facebook to Wikipedia, the world’s most visited websites are built using PHP. Shouldn’t your website also be built using the same capable and universally compatible web development framework? Our PHP development services can help you build any kind of website that has a sophisticated backend and a user-friendly frontend.

Front-running PHP Web Development Company

We harnesses the open-source power of PHP to create stunning web portals and applications. Our PHP developers are experienced professionals whose PHP development services has helped several businesses gain a foothold in the hyper-competitive digital landscape.

Be it an enterprise website that can collect dynamic user input or an ecommerce store that has thousands of underlying product pages — Our PHP development services can ideate, create and launch any kind of website of your choice.

We have worked with all sizes and types of businesses — from the pioneers who are setting the trends to the visionaries who are on their way to change the IT world.

If you have an idea that needs a scalable, time-proof and affordable solution, our PHP development services has the answer. Our services would help you reach the market quickly with websites and web applications that are stable, bug-free and also enriched with great UX.

Our suite of PHP development services

Explore our growing range of PHP development services that aspires to enable every business with a custom-built website.

Custom Web Development

Custom-built and not cookie-cut is the future of web development. We will help you leverage PHP’s open-source capabilities and thousands of libraries to build custom web applications.

Content Management System

Unique business models require robust content management systems. An off-the-shelf CMS may not serve your business well. Allow us to build one for you with the might of PHP.

CRM Solutions

As an open-source development framework, PHP makes it possible to build high-end CRM solutions that can help manage your customer data, sales pipeline and selling efforts.

Enterprise Web Portal

PHP’s server-side scripting will help create web-based solutions, desktop applications and customized enterprise applications that can help your business work efficiently.

Custom Ecommerce

An ecommerce store might begin with one product and scale up to a million of product listing. We will help you scale seamlessly and effortlessly with our PHP development expertise.

Cloud SaaS Application

The future of the web is vested in the cloud. A cloud-based SaaS solution can empower your workforce, lighten your workload and maximize productivity. Our PHP development services offers all of that.

Social Networking Solutions

Collaboration ranks high on the must-have digital capabilities for the future. With PHP by your side, you can build a social networking website that will become the Centre of all collaborative efforts.

Backend Solutions

Like a performance car’s turbo-powered engine, every robust web application requires a strong backend. We will help you build the most powerful, stable & scalable back ends with PHP as the foundation.

Expertise, experience & commitment

We are driven by a burning passion to help clients reach their goals in the most efficient manner. To serve that purpose we bring together our collective expertise, experience and professional commitment.

PHP Solution Expertise

Expertise that has been honed to perfection with over a decade long experience of serving a global client base.

Secure Development

PHP development initiatives that puts client data integrity and security at the help.

Proficient Developers

We have assembled a world-class team of PHP developers who can accomplish any challenging requirement.

Customer Satisfaction

An inspired team of professionals who have vowed to deliver nothing but the best service for our customers.

On Time Delivery

A well-defined project management plan combined with efficient project managers ensure that your projects are delivered on time, every time.

Maintenance and Support

We takes pride in providing continued maintenance and support to our customers at any time and in any mode that they want.

Wordpress Development Company

WordPress is the Internet’s backbone. More than 25% of the websites on the internet is built using WordPress. It can be cornerstone CMS for your business as well. Start off in the right foot with our WordPress development services. Be it to develop a customer website on WordPress or to create a WP plugin or even integrate one into your existing website, as a true-blue WordPress development company we are game for everything. WordPress offers an endless range of highly functional and user-friendly websites. As a full-service WordPress development company.

We help our clients build all kind of websites on WordPress – from personal blogs to professional portfolios or even multi-vendor marketplaces with paywall integrations.

In addition to building WordPress websites from scratch, we also offer to develop WordPress plugins that will extend the usability and utility of your website. For every problem that your business faces, there could be a WordPress plugin that could offer a permanent fix.

Don’t be worried of the time taken. Our exclusive team of WordPress developers will see to it that your project gets completed in the shortest time span possible with utmost perfection. Launching bug-free applications is a culture that we take seriously.

Tell us your idea and will show how WordPress can make it happen. Our WordPress expertise will ensure that you are able to reach the market in quick time with a well-designed, well-built and fully-functional WordPress website.

Explore our growing range of PHP development services that aspires to enable every business with a custom-built website.

Custom WordPress Development

Build any kind and type of website of your choice with our custom WordPress development services.

WordPress Theme Development

Build WordPress themes to amplify the look and feel of your website, standardize web pages or for marketplace selling.

WordPress Plugin Development

Help other WordPress developers and users simplify their lives with WordPress plugins for design, eCommerce, marketing, etc.

WordPress Migration Services

Migrate from other CMS platforms to the awesomeness of WordPress with our expertise.

WordPress eCommerce Solution

Build online stores easily and quickly with our WordPress eCommerce solutions.

WordPress API Integration

Integrate your WordPress applications and web services with other applications with API integration.

Benefits of WordPress development

WordPress changed the digital landscape on its axis by empowering professionals as well as amateurs to build blogs and websites on their own. There is more to it than user-friendliness.

What makes WordPress awesome?

  • An easy-to-use content management system that requires no prior training or technical expertise.
  • From single page personal blogs to eCommerce stores with thousands of individual product pages, WordPress can build anything.
  • WordPress has built-in SEO parameters that makes websites SEO friendly. Additional plugins can also be used to extend the SEO-friendliness of the website.
  • WordPress is a 100% customizable CMS platform. It helps users perfect their website look and feel to any brand preset that they wish.
  • Sturdy performance that is unabated by the number of pages, application or traffic. There is a reason why one-fourth of the internet uses WordPress.

Establish total control over website or blog management with admin, editor and user level privileges.

Why Choose our WordPress Development Services

The internet has countless websites. If you want your website to stand out from the crowd and create its own identity, you need an expert’s help. That’s where we come in.

Dedicated WordPress team

An exclusive WordPress development team that stays on top of the latest trends and complex development practices.

WordPress coding compliance

Our WordPress development offerings comply to the coding standards set forth by WordPress.

Result-oriented Process

All our WordPress development efforts are done with the long-term goal and results in mind. No quick fixes whatsoever.

Full-service Development

From designing to development and post launch maintenance, we offer full-service for your WordPress requirements.

Responsive Design

One WordPress website is all you need to serve your content across all formats including web, mobile and hybrid devices.

Continued Support

Once a client, always a client. We will be, by your side to provide continued support after the project launch.

Codeigniter Development Company

CodeIgniter is like the Swiss army knife of all web development frameworks. It is small in size but has an entire toolkit that will equip a web developer to weave magic. What happens when a Swiss army knife is handed to a veteran? Magic happens. Each of our web developers are veterans of developing web pages with CodeIgniter. Come, talk to our experts to find out how we can weave magic for you.

Mission-focused PHP Codeigniter Development Services

There are millions of web applications in the internet. But, not all of them make it to the leaderboard. The ones that secure the ranks in the leaderboard are lightweight in footprint but heavy-duty in performance. If you are yearning to build a web application that can make it to the leaderboards, CodeIgniter is the right choice. It is a powerful PHP framework that can help build web applications that does not demand heavy resources to run smoothly.

As a provider of PHP CodeIgniter development services, We help you build web applications that have a small footprint but a large scope of application. Our PHP expertise will ensure that you are able to build dynamic websites that can interact fluently with users. As a matter of fact, a lion share of the enterprise-grade applications we have delivered are built with the power of CodeIgniter.

We harness the power of CodeIgniter open-source development to build web applications that can load in as quickly as 50 ms. to amplify application performance we also make use of CodeIgniter’s built-in MVC Architecture which keeps logic, presentation and data separate from each other. We also have a dedicated team of quality assurance professionals who ensure that the application is run down for any bugs or errors before it can be pushed to live production.

Our suite of CodeIgniter Development Services

Our wide-range of web development services will help you make the best use of CodeIgniter anyway you want.

Backend for Mobile Apps

Our developers use highly reliable PHP Codeigniter framework for the backend for feature-rich mobile application development solutions.

Custom e-Commerce Solution

Build a single vendor or multi-vendor online store that can sell to the world at large with payment integrations, product catalog and high-end security.

Enterprise Website Development

With the huge complication of functionality, we prefer CodeIgniter framework for enterprise web application development solutions.

Web Portal Development

Develop critical web applications for business productivity, operations or customer engagement with CodeIgniter’s versatility.

Custom Web Applications

Our proficient team of developers create custom web application as per business requirement with best UI/X Design.

Application Maintenance & Support

Minimize downtimes, maximize up times and troubleshoot issues instantly with our ‘always-on’ maintenance and support facilities.

Application Migration

We offer Application Migration service from other PHP frameworks to CodeIgniter. Our team will help you migrate your entire web application.

Payment gateway integration

We provide various payment gateway and third-party library integration with your online store and CodeIgniter web application.

What makes us an ideal ally for CodeIgniter development

A rare combination of experience, expertise and customer service — these are the three factors that makes us an ideal ally for your CodeIgniter development projects.

Long Experience

Our combined CodeIgniter development experience spans a long decade and more. Rest assured we know our way around CodeIgniter to make things work for you.

Deep Expertise

From building simple web portals to engineering sophisticated eCommerce websites from ground up, we are capable of doing everything with CodeIgniter.

Diverse offerings

Custom web development. Integration development, application migration — we are your one stop shop for all CodeIgniter requirements.

Customer centricity

Our relationship with customers does not with a single transaction. We nurture them as long standing relationships with customers at the heart of it.

Laravel Development Company

Laravel is a web development framework that helps reduce the distance between an idea and turning into a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). As a Laravel development company that has helped many enterprises hatch their ideas into MVP and full-scale projects, we will help you build the ideal web application with Laravel’s open-source awesomeness. Have an idea but clueless where to begin? Talk to our experts to set the ball rolling.

Custom Laravel Development Services

To unleash the true power of Laravel, to build a robust web application, and to launch your application in quick time, you need the assistance of a Laravel development company. If you are someone who has big ambitions but a very short timeline, you’ve reached the right place.

We can help you create custom-built web pages that are made great with the elegance of Laravel. Be it a web portal that spews dynamic information or a third-party integration that tethers with an outside application for pulling data, we can make Laravel dance to your tunes.

How do we make it happen? We are manned by trained and experienced Laravel developers who can write code that works flawlessly. They can script any web design into a Laravel-powered web portal that will power your business for accelerated performance.

Our suite of Laravel Development Services

Laravel is a capable open-source web development framework. We leverage the full capabilities of Laravel to build robust, scalable and customized web applications.

Laravel Migration

Stuck with a web framework that is slowing you down or not helping productivity? We will help you migrate from any web framework to Laravel from without breaking into a sweat.

E-Commerce Development

Building an online store that can handle large influx of traffic, complex customer journeys and eCommerce transactions it not an easy task. Our Laravel web development services will make it easy for you.

Custom Web Applications

For out of box ideas that cannot built with conventional technologies, you need something more robust, flexible and also scalable. Laravel is our answer to all your custom web application development requirements.

Backend for Mobile Apps

Empower your mobile apps to do more for users with the power of Laravel. Our Laravel web development services include backend development for mobile apps on all platforms including Android, iOS, Bada, Windows and much more.

Restful API Development

Want to extend the reach of your applications beyond web browsers and into mobile applications and connected devices? Our Laravel developers can make that happen with their command over Laravel API generator packages.

Web Portal Development

Claim your stake on the eCommerce market pie with our custom web portal solutions for building single vendor or multi-vendor eCommerce store on B2B and B2C portals.

Laravel CMS Development

Take control and stay in control of your Laravel website and applications with a neatly build CMS. Add and modify contents quickly, set up controls for authentications, enable push notifications and do much more with our Laravel CMS development.

Laravel Extension Development

There is no web development challenge that Laravel cannot solve. Even if you encounter a tall order, we can help you develop a Laravel extension that can fix it for good. From payment gateways for eCommerce to inventory management, there is a Laravel extension for everything.

Maintenance & Support

Being stuck is a feeling that we don’t like either. With our 24*7 maintenance and support services, you will never be lost for assistance. We are always reachable through phone, email or through a comprehensive ticketing system.

Our USPs as a Laravel development company

Bespoke to your business requirements. Data security as a paramount priority. Design that speaks. These are some factors that has made our customers happy.

Customer Satisfaction

We have an organizational culture where only one thing matters the most – customer satisfaction. We take good care of our employees so that they take good care of our customers.

Secure Development

Every byte of data that you provide to us a customer would be stored and processed in a secure environment. Apart from being GDPR compliant, we also take stringent measures to keep cyber security threats at bay.

100% Custom Application

Each customer we work with, each requirement that deliver and each project that we initiate is treated as a separate unit. There is no cookie cutting or reusing of what has been done for someone else.

Interactive Design

Design is at the heart of everything we do. From figuring out the right shade of color for CTAs to wireframing a product’s interface, we live by the tenets of interactive design.

Angularjs Development

As a benchmarked front end framework, AngularJS offers complete functionalities required by expert developers. Single page applications and cross platform applications demand a versatile framework that incorporates flexibility to create rich applications. This is where our specialist teams excel with expert AngularJS Development Services, while others offer average services. We leverage the options of the AngularJS Development framework to offer superior results.

The Bespoke AngularJS development company

Our Angular JS Web Development solutions demonstrate our abilities. Applications built from open source web development frameworks may sometimes appear difficult to compare, if the applications only scratch the surface of the powerful possibilities. This is where we help clients to fully leverage the benefits of the flexible features of the versatile front end framework. With hundreds of hours of expertise on complex projects, our AngularJS Developers surpass expectations with superior deliverables.

Our experience in the Angular JS Development framework and the processes we follow help to create superior applications that are not just developed but tested rigorously through MVC and MVVM architectures. This gives us the ability to deliver applications that will function smoothly, free from error and in a manner that fully meets business objectives.

Our technological prowess and domain expertise equip us with the perspective that is necessary to understand the need for getting the technical and technological aspects aligned with the business needs of the organization. Our design and development team have core expertise in Object Oriented Programming and Angular JS Web Development applications.

If you have questions related to your requirements or AngularJS framework. Get in touch with us now, our expert AngularJS Developers will be happy to help you.

Our AngularJS Development Services

Advantages of engaging a professional team with structured workflows, with agile methodology are manifold, across the entire scope of project.

Dynamic Web Application Development

Suitable for creating applications that work on desktops and mobile, through dynamic and responsive applications that are more suitable for the ‘mobile first’ era.

Single Page App Development

Peer and community supported knowledge base in building single page applications help improve the outcomes. Simple yet effective, single page apps have carved a separate identity for themselves.

AngularJS App Upgrade and Maintenance

Complete end to end services for upgrade of apps and maintenance support offer clients’ freedom from woes. Our support goes beyond delivery with extended maintenance improving performance.

Enterprise App Interface and Development

Intuitive, clean and appealing interface for customer facing applications make a huge difference to the user experience and our teams leverage the full features for interesting interfaces.

Application Migration Services

Best practices to simplify the migration processes from legacy to the latest, resulting in a seamless smooth migration that is structured and planned down to the last detail.

User Interactive Module Development

Development of modules that engage users with uncluttered and simplified interactive interfaces. Minimalism is the key to engagement in an era where frills are distractive.

Custom AngularJS Development

Customized solutions to meet specific needs without the need for improvisations of rigid solutions. High levels of customization ensure that solutions are perfectly aligned with business and technical requirements.

PHP Development in AngularJS

Powerful PHP scripting, interpreted by web server and embedded in HTML ensures that programming is simplified, ensuring that the whole application works smoothly and seamlessly.

Why choose us for Your AngularJS Web Development

We owe our reputation as one of the best AngularJS Development Company to our experienced OOJS Teams and our success in projects.


We offer dedicated teams for development which has helped the teams to remain focused on the projects with a laser edge.


Our processes are flexible, with agile methodology and this allows the sprints in development to help reach milestones at speed.


Our projects proceed at the right speed for faster time to market as a result of a focused to projects with exclusive and dedicated teams assigned.


We stick to agreed timelines focusing on projects one at a time. Projects are taken up consecutively and not simultaneously.

Nodejs Development

This ‘JavaScript everywhere’ environment unifies web application development in a single programming language. NodeJS application development enables server side scripting and client side scripting to be carried out in a single language to create dynamic webpages seamlessly. Our dedicated teams have proven expertise NodeJS Development Services, a versatile open source, cross platform run time environment that offers unmatched results.

The Bespoke NodeJS development company

We have consistently created lightweight, high speed web applications that are fully scalable and flexible. Open source, cross platform frameworks come with a challenge – all applications developed on open source frameworks may appear to be the same, without major differentiators. We possess the expertise and proven experience in Node JS Development solutions that are superior. This is possible largely as a result of our ability to use functions and features intelligently and in a manner that makes a difference.

The V8 engine for instance, is high speed and our experience helps us to create applications that write the file system at superior speeds. Our NodeJS Development Solutions have helped businesses achieve scalability easily through the use of event loop, which is one of the best functional features of NodeJS.

Real time applications involve a different area of expertise. Chats and similar applications in websites demand two way communication channels, and Node JS development offers superior open 2 way communications through Web Sockets. The challenge is in integrating the channel and delivering solutions that work seamlessly.

If you’re planning to build a feature-rich NodeJS Application and want to discuss the challenges of converting your idea into an innovation. Get in touch with us, our experts will help you with all your queries.

Our NodeJS Development Services

There is no substitute for professionalism. Backed by agile processes, our dedicated teams have built applications and dynamic webpages surpassing expectations.

Nodejs Api Development And Integration

Dynamic End to end Rest APIs

Real Time Apps With Nodejs

Integration of various library modules in the application

Real Time Apps With Nodejs

Comprehensive support for smooth version migration

Nodejs Cms Development

Slash development time with powerful API

Nodejs Web App Development

Dynamic website server side programming for building applications

Why choose us Choice for Nodejs Development

Our experience and track record in executing big ticket projects have earned us a reputation as a reliable Node JS Development Company. Join our growing list of clients.

Large Exposure

Our teams have exposure to big ticket projects. Leverage our experience and expertise to develop projects that fully meet requirements.


Cross trained, expert developers on teams. Every member on our team is cross trained; this fosters collaboration from a trained and informed perspective.


Our support & maintenance have been critical dimensions of our success. Projects go beyond delivery with extended support and maintenance offering true value to clients.


We have a dedicated team of developers for NodeJS Development. Teams exclusively handle NodeJS Development and this specialization offers greater focus.