Mobile Game Development

Noedge Inc. is the best place to hire seasoned mobile game developers for smartphone and tablet games that can keep the gamers to hold the devices and gameplay. Our mobile game development company is benefitting the services of real & full-hearted game geeks, game freaks, game nerds, and game artists who love to translate game ideas into a sheer entertainment on a range of devices. So, our patrons always ignore the half-hearted critics! Does your mind cherish any game idea?

2D-3D Unity Game Development

Our proficiency in 2D and 3D Game Development for a wide range of devices and platforms by industry leading Unity 2D/3D Game Developers has established us as a pioneer in Mobile Game Development.

Our pocket-friendly 3D games are loved by all who get to play them, and we create pure game addictions that provide profitable returns for the game entrepreneurs and profits for businesses who have invested.

Unity Game Development Company Enticing 2D-3D Mobile Games


Unity has earned a big reputation within the game development in mobile, AR, VR, desktop, and console by delivering an array of advanced game development tools and support for the latest technologies.

We have a strong grasp on the Unity game engine platform. Being a Unity 3D game development company, we have trained our game developers over time to leverage the offerings and advanced features Unity has.

Thus, we provide seamless game development with incredible graphics, 2D-3D animations, aural and enthralling ambience, and swift gameplay which bind games earning a high rank within the designated marketplace.

Our 3D game development service team takes care of clientele in all aspects of a games successes, we leverage the various monetization features of Unity and other game engines to go a long way to secure streaming revenues and growth.

Our game studios are equipped with the latest game development infrastructure for 2D, 3D, AR, VR and the latest advancements in game technologies. We have a large pool of game artists to create striking concepts and digitalize it. Our graphic designers stun mobile game lovers with their creativity.

Our 2D & 3D animators have abilities to bring to life 2D art as well as 3D games by creating immersive experiences. Thus, it makes game players addictive to your games and hit your projects targets quickly as well as continuously.

Our command over upcoming VR & AR technologies is adding more flairs in our 3D game development and lifting high in innovative directions, which are tough to imagine.

Would like to dive in untraversed opportunities for your business or games by leveraging our new flairs?

What makes us your best Unity 2D 3D Game Development Partner

When a client thinks of a game development project, hitting the defined goals is of the up-most importance. We acquire the required capabilities to meet the goals of clients with our 3D mobile game development for Clients across the globe

Expertise in 2D 3D game development

We have years of experiences in the game development niche it doesn’t mean that we are not learning the latest technologies and trends. Therefore, our latest mobile 3D games have unique flavours including AR, AI, and locations technologies.

Excellent User Interface

Creative user interface with attractive backgrounds, striking game effects, and appealing characters to fit into the storyline of the game in highly contextual manner. Improve game engagement and retention rates high.

High Quality & Security

Modern games for cross-platform experiences have several security issues due to its dependence on the Internet or other cellular connectivity, and we deal with it effectively without losing quality credentials.

Flexible Packages

We give reigns of game development in the hands of patrons through our comprehensive Hire 3D game developer packages to make it the most cost-efficient as they can.

Top iPad & iPhone Game Development

We specialise in crafting exciting 2D 3D iPad and iPhone games. Our expertise includes everything from standalone, server-based, single to multiplayer games. Our iOS game development services include prototyping, character creation, programming to successfully launch in the marketplace. With a team of dedicated designers and game developers, you can be assured to be in the company of right team to make your idea enter an amazing world of mobile games.

Highly Acclaimed iOS Game Development Company

We are leading iOS game development company in Canada, who ensure a result driven methodical approach for all iPad and iPhone game developments in such a way that the resulting games have to turn out to be engaging gameplay, melodic sounds, striking animations, and seamlessly performance across all iOS devices.

Our expert team of the iOS game development understands the rapidly changing mobile gaming trends and the desire of every client to create the next most exciting game in the world. Our iOS game design and programming infrastructure enable us to perform seamless integration of the latest technologies to make every game we develop goes out to be a great success in its audience.

Our iOS mobile game app development services, such as character creation, graphics integration, programming, testing with advanced tools and the latest frameworks have yielded a cost-effective yet high-quality mobile game app development with greater ROI. Because of these traits, we enjoy a high reputation among its clients across the globe.

The years of experience and hands-on expertise across the various genre of iPhone game app development and iPad game development has enabled us to attune the most flexible requirements and became the top iOS game developers in the UK and across the world. Our expert iPhone game developers know how to monetize iOS games for entrepreneurs and help them accomplish business goals.

If you have a mobile game development idea, we are ready to turn it into an exciting reality. Do you want to discuss your idea with us?

Why chose us as your Exclusive iPad & iPhone Game Development Partner?

The selection of a dependable iOS game development company is indeed daunting, hopefully our skill set and expertise can help you decide why we should undertake your iOS game app development project.

Highly Skilled Game Artists

Our game designers and graphics designers are vector artists besides the pixel artists, so scalability of in-game graphics and animations are reputable within the iOS game designer community.

Awesome 3D Modelling

Our superiority in Unity iOS Game Development empowers our iOS game programmers to produce stunning 2D & 3D models, 2D & 3D animations, and rendering stunning 3D effects on all iOS devices.

Proficient iOS Game Developers

Our familiarity with the latest iOS game programming best practices, Cocoa Touch, Touch Organizer, and Cut Scenes Scripting Engine, and databases are well known in the iOS game development industry.

Indispensable Support to Clients

Support and maintenance services through emergency updates, and upgrade efforts by our renowned iOS game developers ensure you’re in safe hands once your game is live.

Android Mobile Game Development

We offer highly versatile android game development services for a range of game genres and Android devices to provide sheer entertainment to game lovers, as well as serving the vision of our clients who aim high.

The video game and technology industries are changing, and Android game apps are no different. With the advent of technologies such as AR and VR, we are always looking at tomorrow to ensure our clients are at the forefront of the android mobile game trends.

Leading Android Game Development Agency


The Android platform enjoys a large audience through handheld devices across the globe and with it comes and array of opportunities for businesses to get a slice of the billions revenue generated through Android game development.

Our expertise in the Unity game engine, Cocos2d, Android Studio and Java are instrumental in infusing your creative and innovative game ideas, stories, and gameplay with our excellent game experiences.

With exceptional experience in the game industry, you can be assured you will have an Android Game that a local and global audience will love.

Our android game developers and design team ensure the end product is tailored to the chosen genre, including designing, animation development, coding/scripting, testing, and marketing accordingly.

When faced with the challenge of fragmentation, known to the Android game development industry, our developers are on hand to resolve. Our Android game development infrastructure in our game studio is highly capable to deal with fragmentation issues effectively.

Our project management through the latest PMS enable clients to participate actively in the game development process, monitor their project’s progress, as well as gameplay testing to assure the desired quality.

Would you like to test your game ideas with our android game development team? We can help you attain the top game list in play store?

Why we are the best choice for your Android Game Development

We have earned a big name in the Android Game development industry by spending time growing with the industry, and satisfying innumerable clientele the globe

High-end Game Designing Infrastructure

Our game studios are equipped with the ultramodern game development infrastructural facilities to provide one-stop solutions for all game development stage, to avoid our Clients’ have a single provider for their project.

Keep Game Performance at the Core

We understand game development and what Clients want, so we keep the game performance at the core while defining the game quality. Thus, we deliver high quality games in the hands of our global patrons to win the hearts of their targeted audience.

Effective Game Monetization

We look at game monetization opportunities right from the conception to deployment and throughout the project lifecycle. We present innovative ideas, strategies, and methodologies for Android game monetization understanding that this is an investment, not just a hobby.

Uninterrupted Support

We believe in long-term relationships with clients so always come up with quick response to queries, maintenance requests, and updates & upgrade requirements to ensure you stay with us. Our Hire Android game developer packages are flexible and comprehensive.

Augmented Reality Game Development

Augmented Reality has provided unmatched flexibility in adapting to various industry requirements and has gained significant attention from industries by portraying impeccable feasibility. We are a leading Augmented Reality game development company in Canada, we thrive to use our expertise and creative solutions to deliver competitive and best AR game development services to our clients.

Augmented Reality is not a new technology and has been known in the technology industry for some time, but to a large extent augmented reality game development companies are still struggling to explore its real potential and deliver the same to the global audience.


Our augmented reality game developer and the designer team has flawless command over the available tools like ARKit, Vuforia, ARCore, Wikitude, ARToolkit etc. Besides these, considering the essentials of creativity and user engagement, the AR developer’s team also utilizes its creative approach to design and deliver some of the best augmented reality game development services to its clients.

The augmented reality game developers team firmly believes that the only way to make a deep space in the hearts of global audience through AR mobile game development is to create innovative and creative solutions and deliver them effortlessly through best augmented reality game development solutions.

To ensure prompt and competitive delivery of the same, the team follows a certain set of guidelines and procedures for research and development tasks, which effectively works as fuel.

When the technology stack and expertise match with the above mentioned flavors, time and dedication, Our team makes its way to one of the best augmented reality game development company in Canada and worldwide. However, we also believe that just earning a badge isn’t the big deal. Hence to maintain the same position in the ultra-competitive augmented reality mobile game development market, flawless services and client satisfaction remain uncompromised.

With that said, we now invite you to get in touch and bring us your idea or requirements. This will eventually lead us to develop an undisputed leading game solution in the AR industry. We believe in sharing knowledge.

Initiate AR Game Development for Multiple Platforms

It’s tough to predict the device your end users will be utilizing to spend time with your AR mobile game, to ensure you win their hearts every time; we help you build augmented reality game for multiple platforms.

Traits that make us Best Augmented Reality Game Development Company

While many have jumped into the emerging trend, we would like to share with you the characteristics that make us better than other AR game development service providers in the market.

Dedicated Experienced Professionals

We ensure giving a dedicated team of AR game development professional, who are solely responsible to accomplish your task and assist you in attaining set milestones.

Keeping You Updated

Being one of the leading Augmented Reality game development company, we consider it our utmost responsibility to keep you updated on the progress of your AR mobile game development on a real-time basis.

Innovatively Creative

Our team firmly believes that the key to lead the AR game development market is to ensure bringing innovative and creative solutions for all augmented reality mobile game development project we receive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We find our key to growth in delivering satisfaction to our clients. No project is called closed until it matches the client’s expectation. This includes entire development cycle.

VR Game Development

Virtual Reality took no time to gain the attention of a global audience with its real-life sensory experience, which allows an individual to interact with it using input devices like goggles or headsets. Lately, a massive hike has been noticed in demand for VR games, increasing the demand for Virtual Reality game development services. If you are looking for high quality VR game developers, we have your back.

Experts believe that the reason behind the growing popularity of Virtual Reality game development is the immersive experience it provides. We ensure that the same essence gets delivered every time we commence a VR mobile game development project.

Our team leaves no stone unturned to serve you with the unbiased and indispensable details of Virtual Reality game development services. The team ensures it utilizes the latest VR game technology to build a final product that appeals to your audience and assists you in leading the VR game race.

As a leading Virtual Reality game development company, our team ensures the project is understood and scoped at each stage of the development lifecycle. This includes discussion, research, user expectations, current market, and the way to bridge the gap to gain more attention for your VR mobile game development project.

Once these parameters are fixed, our team of VR game developers get to the coding business with a ‘techtive’ (tech+creative) approach to giving physical yet virtual form to your mobile game.

We can’t deny the unmatched contribution made by VR technology in different sectors and the experts believe that the same success saga will be marked in the VR game industry too. With its realistic experience, virtual reality is believed to change the way we used to play. A wave of development can be seen globally, not only in context new games but also for the traditional games that we used to play during our early childhood.

Being a virtual reality game development company, we consider this our responsibility to be part of this wave and assist you in reaching and engaging your target audience in a distinct manner and earn their loyalty for a long duration.

VR Mobile Games we build are Device-friendly

Mobility and Responsiveness are the key ingredients when it comes to building successful technology. Our team of VR game developers ensures that your game is supported by every possible device.

Your Perfect VR Game Development Partner

We don’t claim to be the best Virtual Reality game development company, but we always deliver the best experience to our clients with our creativity and vast domain experience.

Experienced Team

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who have unmatched expertise in building best VR mobile games for you.

Instant Support

Have a query? Our team of support representatives are just a call/message away. Just let them know your concern and a solution will be with you shortly.

Dedicated Team

Every VR mobile game development project we get earns a dedicated team. So, until the task is accomplished, you have your own team of experts who’ll be working on your project.

Customized Solutions

We firmly believe that every game project has its own essence and expectations attached. This is why we thrive to serve you customized VR game development services.

Mac Game Development

We offer high end Mac game development services ideal for any industry or genre. We create versatile desktop games leveraging the latest Mac technologies providing excellent user experiences with high-end graphics and high end user interface experiences. Our passion to convert ideas into unique, tailor-made, and optimized game experiences have made us one of the leading Mac game development companies.

A Reputed Mac Game Development Company


We offer game solutions for projects of all genre and industry, including tailored mobile or desktop platforms, delivering to clients based across the globe.

With the high end inherent graphical user-interface of the MacBook and iMac, the number of Apple computer owners is growing, and so is the demand for Mac game development. Our prolonged exposures to Mac game development established us as a leading Mac game development company.

Being an acclaimed game development company, our proficiencies in Unity 3D game engines has enabled us to deliver stunning graphics and animations for immersive experiences in our Mac games. We produce a wide range of desktop based games through our Mac game development services by implementing an array of core technologies, which includes the Unity 2D/3D game development platform.

If you have a query or want to discuss a Mac based game project, then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us or read on.

Why we are an Ideal Mac Game Development Partner for You?

We are a known hub for various digital game development solutions, and have a specialist team in Mac game development within our studio.

Team of Mac Game Artists

Our firm grips on Mac game conceptualization, storyline, motion graphics design and background artistry result in stunning yet engaging games.

Expert Programmers

Our hands-on expertise in Apple programming technologies like Objective-C and Swift enable us to produce high-standard code, and our proficiency in Unity 3D/4D sets us apart from the rests.

Cost-effective Development

Our Mac game development team knows how to cut time-to-market and overall investment on Mac game development projects to make them cost efficient and viable in the market.